Appalachian Seasons books get a makeover

I’m pleased to announce that the University of Pittsburgh Press has reissued my four Appalachian books with brand new and beautiful covers featuring the paintings of John James Audubon. They’ve also kept the price reasonable at $20.92 apiece, resisting the inflation on new paperbacks. Here’s hoping some bricks-and-mortar bookstores put them in the window.

I’m celebrating with a website re-design, as you’ll see especially on the new page for the Appalachian books. Links to the women naturalist books have also been fixed, and the Pennsylvania guidebooks remain in print as well. My first book, Escape to the Mountain, is out of print but I still have copies that I’m happy to sell—please get in touch if you’d like one.

To learn more about the cover art, visit the outstanding Birds of America website, which includes Audubon’s writings about each of the birds: Field Sparrow, Cat Bird [sic], Raven and Long-eared Owl.






3 responses to “Appalachian Seasons books get a makeover”

  1. Catherine F. Smith Avatar

    All good news! Keep me on the email list, please.

  2. Bill ferris Avatar
    Bill ferris

    Thanks I’ll look on web for enough to write a column

  3. Cam Miller Avatar
    Cam Miller

    Good news – I’ll check out the website. I have owned all 4 of the originals for many years and reread each at the beginning of the respective season.

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