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Outbound Journeys coverOutbound Journeys in Pennsylvania: A Guide to Natural Places for Individual and Group Outings
Marcia Bonta
Pennsylvania State University Press, 1987

A guide to 55 outstanding natural places in Pennsylvania: old-growth forests, wildflower sanctuaries, hawk watches, geological wonders, and more. When Marcia began writing the articles that eventually became her Outbound Journeys books, there were almost no nature guide books available for the state, aside from the 50 Hikes series. Now, the shelves are overflowing with books advising hikers and other outdoor recreationists where to go, but very few tell them what they will see when they get there, beyond the obvious views and waterfalls. By contrast, Marcia’s two guide books are written with the amateur naturalist and the armchair traveler in mind. And the precise directions at the end of each chapter made it almost impossible to get lost in the era before GPS—and should still serve Pennsylvania’s Amish and Luddite populations well.

Outbound Journeys was for many years the #1 bestseller in Penn State Press’s Keystone Books imprint, and one of the top half-dozen bestselling books for the press overall. (Click on the book cover to order.)

Ms. Bonta tantalizes the reader with her vivid descriptions of each location.

Bedford Gazette

Not unlike a poet, Bonta … [makes] us appreciate riches many Pennsylvanians didn’t know we have to share.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

More Outbound Journeys coverMore Outbound Journeys in Pennsylvania
Marcia Bonta
Pennsylvania State University Press, 1995

Forty-nine more outstanding natural places in Pennsylvania. As in the first book, most of the outings are not too strenuous and are ideal for families and groups of all kinds and ages. Anyone who is interested in outdoor Pennsylvania can use this book to discover and enjoy the natural beauty of the Keystone State. (Click on the book cover to order.)

One of the best aspects of the book is how easy it is to use […] Ms. Bonta writes as if she were having a conversation with a friend; her warm, breezy style packs a great range of information into an easy-to-read description about each location. She takes you with her as she visits each place, sharing her enthusiasm in her finds, deftly intertwining historical information about the location with the ecology of the place, unusual and beautiful plants, bird sightings, evidence of other wildlife and their habitats.

Voices of Central Pennsylvania

I found Marcia’s descriptions of the places to hike in Pennsylvania to be very descriptive, even down to the smallest of details. Many hikers would often miss the vast array of flora and fauna that can be found in a state that is often thought of as being more urban than untamed, wild, remote, and undisturbed. I plan to visit some of the sights listed, even though they may be a four or five hour drive away. I am definitely more aware of the treasures to be found in Pennsylvania after reading this title.

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