Black Raspberry Time

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What a fruitful year this is.  Best of all is the resurrection of our black raspberry bushes around our homegrounds.  Their plenitude was what persuaded me to buy this place.  And then the deer moved in.  For decades they have eaten every raspberry cane that has dared to appear.  But now that our hunter friends have lowered the deer herd, the black raspberries have a fighting chance.  I say “fighting” because even so the deer continue to trim back every cane they can reach.  They don’t like steep slopes, though, and that’s where I’m picking in this video.


6 responses to “Black Raspberry Time”

  1. Hat season « Via Negativa Avatar

    […] Ah, summer — time of berry picking, vine-ripened tomatoes, corn on the cob, and big ol’ floppy hats. Because it’s also high noon for deerflies, mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and, well, high noon. (There’s a video that goes along with this shot, by the way. Catch it at my mother’s blog.) […]

  2. Beth Westmark Avatar

    Great hat. When I want to “seriously” pick the blackberries that grow here (panhandle Florida, near Pensacola) in the summertime, I have to leave my Labrador retriever, Maggie, at home. She has learned to pull her lips back and pluck the berries with her teeth, avoiding the thorns. Reminds me of the old expression, grinning “like a mule eating briars.”

  3. Marcia Bonta Avatar


    The deer do that here. Just made my absolutely last picking behind Dave’s house. The longest season ever for my favorite wild berry. Thanks for the amusing comment.

  4. Dragonflyfilly Avatar

    i was not able to view the video; what i was looking for was a photo of a wild black raspberry to confirm that what i picked at my friend’s place are indeed black raspberries; my friend refers to them as blackberries, but they look like raspberries only they are dark dark blueish red, or black.

    I am trying to make jam, and am having trouble deciding on a recipe without knowing just what fruit i have.

    WOW, LOVE the photo of the golden eagle!!

    cheers for now,

  5. Marcia Bonta Avatar

    pj I’ve sent you an answer via e-mail about black raspberries. There are a few other berries they could be confused with and even from your description I wouldn’t want to make a guess. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Steve no wild taste Jahr Avatar

    Starts with carefuly placing your shot,no gut shots allowed! and continues with (gutting) field dressing and skinning,dont cut intestines especialy urin sack or colin. While scinning look out for the musk glands!

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